riverless walk

I am interested in using the body as an interface but abstracting that fact from the viewer. My most recent work investigates the way that technology, art, and people interact; my interest lies specifically in the interaction that takes place when I connect these three elements together. As an artist and interface designer I am focused on the interaction between viewer and piece, and the relationship they form when the viewer takes time to investigate how their presence is altering the piece. "Riverless Walk" bridges the gap of presenting three dimensional objects on a two dimensional surface; by encompassing an entire room viewers develop a complex relationship with the the physical space they occupy and the virtual space they navigate. For the viewers to understand the virtual environment they must spend time moving around the physical space.

The architectural photographs and miniature sculptures demonstrate the process of going from static images to navigating a virtual cityscape. The black and white photographs are the source images for the rendering taking place in the installation. The sculptures are 3D prints of the images run through the installations rendering system, then put into CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. By examining the photographs, sculptures, and installation viewers are able to see the evolution of media and concept.

price: Not for sale


materials: laptop, Kinect, projector, micro controller, motor, screen, 3d prints, inkjet prints

year: 2012